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    • Analytical Evaluation of High-Efficiency Induction Motor Losses 

      Aarniovuori, Lassi; Lindh, Pia; Kärkkäinen, Hannu; Niemelä, Markku; Pyrhönen, Juha; Cao, Wenping (IEEE, 05.08.2019)
      An analytical motor design-based approach is used to evaluate the major loss components of a premium-efficiency (IE3)four-pole squirrel-cage induction machine. In the analytical approach, the geometry of the machine and ...
    • Experimental Investigation of a 75 kW Induction Motor Drive System Losses and Efficiency 

      Aarniovuori, Lassi; Kärkkäinen, Hannu; Niemelä, Markku; Cai, Kewei; Pyrhönen, Juha; Cao, Wenping (IEEE, 09.12.2019)
      The frequency converter driven IM can be used as a reference for the efficiency level of a drive system. In here, the losses and efficiency of a 75 kW IE3 -rated modern squirrel-cage induction motor are investigated ...