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    • Demonstrating the Impact of LTE Communication Latency for Industrial Applications 

      Polunin, Fedor; Carrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Lindh, Tuomo; Pinomaa, Antti; Nardelli, Pedro H. J.; Pyrhönen, Olli (IEEE, 30.01.2020)
      This paper assesses the performance of a private LTE wireless network in an industrial automation setup. Our goal is to study the impact of communication latency in a robot arm position control application when the position ...
    • GFDM-Based Cooperative Relaying Networks with Wireless Energy Harvesting 

      Carrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Moualeu, Jules M.; Nardelli, Pedro; Fraidenraich, Gustavo; da Costa, Daniel B. (IEEE, 21.10.2019)
      In this paper, the concept of wireless power transfer and wireless information transmission, which have recently received special attention for improving energy efficiency in wireless communication systems, are investigated. ...
    • Performance of Multi-carrier Technology over VHF Channels for Rural Area Applications 

      Carrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Fraidenraich, Gustavo; Quirino, Luiz; Medeiros, Alvaro; Nardelli, Pedro (IEEE, 18.11.2019)
      This paper focuses on the application of multi-carrier technologies in rural area communications on very high frequency (VHF) channels. Our target is to analyze the performance of typical long-term evolution (LTE) technology ...