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    • Evaluation of the Efficiency of Line-Start Permanent-Magnet Machines as a Function of the Operating Temperature 

      Debruyne, Colin; Polikarpova, Maria; Derammelaere, Stijn; Sergeant, Peter; Pyrhönen, Juha; Desmet, Jan J. M.; Vandevelde, Lieven (IEEE, 2014)
      The standard squirrel-cage induction machine has nearly reached its maximum efficiency. In order to further increase the energy efficiency of electrical machines, the use of permanent magnets in combination with the robust ...
    • Online Tracking of Varying Inertia using a SDFT Approach 

      Nevaranta, Niko; Vanbecelaere, Foeke; Derammelaere, Stijn; De Viaene, Jasper; Verbelen, Florian; Stockman, Kurt; Monte, Michael (Elsevier, 27.04.2020)
      The mechanical dynamics of modern machines very often depend on the angular position of the driven axis. To obtain optimal control, such applications typically require an advanced control structure such as an adaptive ...