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    • My idea is our idea! Supporting user-driven innovation activities in crowdsourcing communities 

      Olander, Heidi; Blomqvist, Kirsimarja; Kosonen, Miia; Gan, Chunmei (World Scientific Publishing, 31.05.2013)
      There is a growing stream of research unraveling individual motivations to participate in idea crowdsourcing and online user communities. While the current research has largely focused on individual user characteristics ...
    • User motivation and knowledge sharing in idea crowdsourcing 

      Vanhala, Mika; Blomqvist, Kirsimarja; Kosonen, Miia; Gan, Chunmei (Imperial College Press, 23.05.2014)
      We investigate how the propensity to trust, intrinsic motivation, and extrinsic motivation drive the intentions of individuals to share knowledge in idea crowdsourcing. Building on motivation theories and Uses & Gratifications ...