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    • Design and Analysis of a Self-Holding Three-Position Electric Tubular Actuator 

      Petrov, Ilya; Immonen, Paula; Pyrhönen, Juha (IEEE, 07.08.2020)
      A self-holding three-position electric tubular actuator (SHTPETA) is described in the paper. The proposed linear actuator can be applied in a clutch system, where it is necessary to change certain mover positions over time. ...
    • Design of a Traction Motor With Tooth-Coil Windings and Embedded Magnets 

      Lindh, Pia; Montonen, Juho; Immonen, Paula; Tapia, Juan A.; Pyrhönen, Juha (IEEE, 2014)
      Traction motor design significantly differs from industrial machine design. The starting point is the load cycle instead of the steady-state rated operation point. The speed of the motor varies from zero to very high speeds. ...
    • Direct Liquid Cooling Method Verified With a Permanent-Magnet Traction Motor in a Bus 

      Lindh, Pia; Petrov, Ilya; Pyrhönen, Juha; Niemelä, Markku; Immonen, Paula; Scherman, Eero (IEEE, 01.04.2019)
      Direct liquid cooling (DLC) of electrical machine windings is a clearly effectual cooling method for high-torque and high-power-density applications needed, especially, in heavy vehicles. Usually, in electric vehicles, the ...