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    • Legal fights for patent rights: Are the judicial concerns of small companies justified? 

      Talvela, Juhani; Kässi, Tuomo (©2018 PICMET Inc., 08 / 2019)
      Patents and patenting have been extensively studied in recent years. Large firms are considered more advanced in their management of technology and prosecution of patents, while small firms possess a limited capacity to ...
    • Patent litigation by private inventors - case Finland 

      Talvela, Juhani; Kässi, Tuomo
      European Conference on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital (Academic Conferences and publishing limited, 2019)
      Private inventors are active patent applicants but lack the skills to prosecute their IP rights. While patents and patenting are studied immensely in the last decades, we have found the role of private inventors less covered. ...