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    • Experimentation on Wind Powered Hydraulic Heating System 

      Roozbahani, Hamid; Ikechukwu Kingsley, Chima; Åman, Rafael; Handroos, Heikki (IEEE, 27.09.2018)
      It is common knowledge of the world’s dependency on fossil fuel for energy, its unsustainability on the long run and the changing trend towards renewable energy as an alternative energy source. This aims to cut down ...
    • Investigation of a Direct Liquid Cooling System in a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine 

      Petrov, Ilya; Lindh, Pia; Niemelä, Markku; Pyrhönen, Juha; Scherman, Eero; Wallmark, Oskar (IEEE, 08.10.2019)
      A high demand for electrification of the transport sector has resulted in a need to provide compact and reliable electric power trains where the electric machine is a key element. The cooling system has a strong impact on ...