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    • Purification efficiency of natural freeze crystallization for urban wastewaters 

      John, Miia; Häkkinen, Antti; Louhi-Kultanen, Marjatta (Elsevier, 21.11.2019)
      Human population growth and urbanization are aggravating water quality problems in many regions, and wastewater volumes and quantities of pollutants are increasing due to greater industrial and urban activity. Thus, it is ...
    • Purity and mechanical strength of naturally frozen ice in wastewater basins 

      John, Miia; Suominen, Mikko; Sormunen, Otto-Ville; Hasan, Mehdi; Kurvinen, Emil; Kujala, Pentti; Mikkola, Aki; Louhi-Kultanen, Marjatta (Elsevier, 15.11.2018)
      A fairly clean ice cover can form over a contaminated water pond when the air-cooled surface of water freezes and impurities are efficiently expelled to the remaining water underneath. Natural freeze crystallization has ...