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    • Institutional environment and network competence in successful SME internationalisation 

      Torkkeli, Lasse; Kuivalainen, Olli; Saarenketo, Sami; Puumalainen, Kaisu (Emerald Publishing Limited, 07.10.2018)
      Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of institutional environment on the international performance of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and how this relationship is influenced by network ...
    • No manager is an island: culture in sensemaking of business networking 

      Torkkeli, Lasse; Ivanova-Gongne, Maria (Emerald Publishing, 06.06.2018)
      Purpose This paper aims to investigate the role of culture in managerial sensemaking and conceptualization of business networking. Design/methodology/approach The authors apply qualitative methodology through the ...
    • Rapid multinationalization: Propositions for studying born micromultinationals 

      Vanninen, Heidi; Kuivalainen, Olli; Ciravegna, Luciano (Elsevier, 05.10.2016)
      This study examines how so-called born micromultinationals multinationalize. Existing theoretical frameworks do not capture the multinationalization of young and small firms because of the literature gap separating studies ...