Selaus avainsanan mukaan kokoelmassa "data literacy"Tieteelliset julkaisut

    • Civic Data Literacies for Bottom-up Data Innovation 

      Wolff, Annika; Knutas, Antti; Palacin, Victoria; Seidelin, Cathrine; Kun, Peter; Mulder Ingrid (ACM New York, NY, USA ©2019, 03.06.2019)
      This workshop is concerned with the potentials and barriers of data in facilitating bottom-up innovation. We focus on two specific communities that could benefit from utilizing data, but may struggle currently. Firstly, ...
    • Designing SciberPunks as Future Personas for More than Human Design 

      Wolff, Annika; Knutas, Antti; Pässilä, Anne; Lautala, Joni; Kantola, Lasse; Vainio, Teija (Association for Computer Machinery, 13.05.2021)
      In this case study we describe the evolution of a new method for creating future personas, called SciberPunks, for use in sustainable city design scenarios. SciberPunks channel the voice of the environment and have special ...
    • Open Data Inclusion through Narrative Approaches 

      Wolff, Annika; Tylosky, Natasha; Hasan, Tanvir (IEEE, 20.06.2022)
      Open data is published with the intention that it can be used by everyone. In reality, various barriers exclude some people from its use. This short paper will examine common reasons why people struggle to make use of open ...