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    • Atomic arrangements in an amorphous CoFeB ribbon extracted via an analysis of radial distribution functions 

      Pussi, K.; Barbiellini, B.; Ohara, K.; Yamada, H.; Dwivedi, J.; Bansil, A.; Gupta, A.; Kamali, S. (IOP Publishing, 23.07.2021)
      We discuss the atomic structure of amorphous ferromagnetic FeCoB alloys, which are used widely in spintronics applications. Specifically, we obtain the pair-distribution functions for various atomic pairs based on high-energy ...
    • Atomic structure of an FeCrMoCBY metallic glass revealed by high energy x-ray diffraction 

      Pussi, Katariina; Louzguine-Luzgin, Dmitri; Nokelainen, Johannes; Barbiellini, Bernardo; Kothalawala, Veenavee; Ohara, Koji; Yamada, Hiroki; Bansil, Arun; Kamali, Saeed (IOP Publishing, 12.05.2022)
      Amorphous bulk metallic glasses with the composition Fe48Cr15Mo14C15B6Y2 have been of interest due to their special mechanical and electronic properties, including corrosion resistance, high yield-strength, large elasticity, ...
    • Structural properties of PbTe quantum dots revealed by high-energy x-ray diffraction 

      Pussi, Katariina; Barbiellini, Bernardo; Ohara, Koji; Carbó-Argibay, Enrique; Kolen'ko, Yuri V.; Bansil, Arun; Kamali, Saeed (IOP Publishing, 29.07.2020)
      High-energy X-ray diffraction (HE-XRD) experiments combined with an analysisbased on atomic-pair-distribution functions can be an effective tool for probing low-dimensional materials. Here, we show how such an analysis can ...