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    • Effect of titanium substitution and temperature variation on structure and magnetic state of barium hexaferrites 

      Vinnik, D.A.; Zhivulin, V.E.; Uchaev, D.A.; Gudkova, S.A.; Zhivulin, D.E.; Starikov, A.Yu; Trukhanov, S.V.; Turchenko, V.A.; Zubar, T.I.; Gavrilov, T.P.; Eremin, R.M.; Fadeev, E.; Lähderanta, E.; Sombra, A.S.B.; Zhou, D.; Jotania, R.B.; Singh, Charanjeet; Trukhanov, A.V. (Elsevier, 17.12.2020)
      A number of solid solutions based on BaFe12−xTixO19 M-type barium hexaferrite doped with titanium cations up to x = 2.00 were obtained using conventional ceramic technology. The phase composition, crystal structure and ...