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    • Advanced Uncertainty Calculation Method for Converter-Fed Motor Loss Determining 

      Kärkkäinen, Hannu; Aarniovuori, Lassi; Niemelä, Markku; Pyrhönen, Juha (IEEE, 05.08.2019)
      There is only a single practical method to determine the losses of converted-fed electrical machines. The method is based on mechanical output and electrical input power measurements. When this method is used, the loss ...
    • Risky choices in strategic environments: An experimental investigation of a real options game 

      Morreale, Azzurra; Mittone, Luigi; Lo Nigro, Giovanna (Elsevier, 16.05.2019)
      Managers frequently make decisions under conditions of fundamental uncertainty due the stochastic nature of the outcomes and competitive rivalry. In this study, we experimentally test a theoretical model under fundamental ...
    • The Instrumentation Influence on the Motor Loss Determination Uncertainty 

      Kärkkäinen, Hannu; Aarniovuori, Lassi; Niemelä, Markku; Pyrhönen, Juha (IEEE, 09.12.2019)
      The input-output method is the most frequently used and, in practice, the only viable alternative to determine the losses of all electrical machines regardless of the supply type or motor technology. However, the losses ...
    • Thermal storage deployment in the framework of current electricity market design 

      Jaanto, Jasmin; Sihvonen, Ville; Honkapuro, Samuli; Riikonen, Juhani; Price, Alisdair; Ylönen, Markku; Kivioja, Ville
      International Conference On The European Energy Market (IEEE, 03.07.2023)
      Sector coupling has a remarkable role in the optimal fulfilment of the energy transition. In order to reduce emissions of the energy sector, but also to increase the flexibility of the electricity system, clean energy ...