Selaus avainsanan mukaan kokoelmassa "value chain"Tieteelliset julkaisut

    • Digitalization of companies in international entrepreneurship and marketing 

      Vadana, Ioan-Iustin; Torkkeli, Lasse; Kuivalainen, Olli; Saarenketo, Sami (Emerald, 05.12.2019)
      Purpose Little research has been done on the emergence of companies that engage in increasingly digital entrepreneurship with digitalized value-chain activities. The purpose of this paper is provide a consistent picture ...
    • Towards Sawdust Products Ecosystem? Three Utilization Process Cases From Finland 

      Karvonen, Vesa; Vakkilainen, Esa; Kallioinen-Mänttäri, Mari; Lehikoinen, Tero; Mänttäri, Mika (Open Bioeconomy Week, 19.05.2022)
      There is a huge demand to utilize renewal side flows of different production processes to substitute existing fossil-based products or to develop and produce totally new products to the market. One underutilized side product ...