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    • Acoustic Detection of Cracks and Delamination in Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 

      Levikari, Saku; Kärkkäinen, Tommi; Andersson, Caroline; Tamminen, Juha; Silventoinen, Pertti (IEEE, 04.10.2018)
      Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are the most widely used capacitor type in the electronics industry. However, the brittle ceramic dielectric makes MLCCs prone to mechanical damage. Manufacturing defects or damage ...
    • Normalization-Based Approach to Electric Motor BVR Related Capacitances Computation 

      Ahola, Jero; Muetze, Annette; Niemelä, Markku; Romanenko, Aleksei (IEEE, 11.02.2019)
      Electrical discharge machining bearing currents that may occur within electric machines of variable-speed-drive motor systems have been recognized for a long time. One key influential factor, the machine's capacitive voltage ...